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Fire and Smoke

A fire in your home can be one of the worst experiences in a lifetime.  You are thankful everyone escaped safely but what’s left is a home filled with fire and smoke damage.  Sorting through the remains can be almost as painful as the fire itself.  What can you keep, what has to clearly be thrown away and what about all of that smoke?  Will it ever come out?  Do I have to throw everything away?  Those questions are for the professionals.  Better Way Services eases your mind when we handle your home.  Our professionals have years of experience restoring property and homes so families can once again live in peace.

Storm Damage

The storm has finally blown away and you’re left with the remains. As you walk through what’s left you’re mind is wondering will your life ever be the same. Call Better Way Services and together we can repair the damage and get your life back on track. We understand the roller coaster ride of emotions that are involved with restoring your property. The highs and the lows are to be expected. We have the experience of working with many; many families to bring them back to their pre-loss status. Relax; you’re with Better Way Services now.

Water and Mold

Regardless of whether your water damage and or mold repair is from a bad storm, a leaking pipe or the hot tub that overflows Better Way Services is the one you need to call. We can handle your repair job and restore your property to its pre-loss status. Finding the right professional can waste time and money. Avoid that additional loss by choosing Better Way Services . We guarantee that if you start with us, you will stay with us for all of our services.

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