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Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Better Way Services, Inc. As we are in our third decade in the disaster restoration industry, our professionally trained team is aware of the challenges associated with property loss. You have been inconvenienced; possibly removed from your home, lost valuables and/or treasured personal affects; and your routine of daily activities has been interrupted.

Our goal at Better Way is to assist you in the coordination of restoring your property to the condition prior to your loss using the same like, kind and quality of material, as available. Based on the age of the house, some materials and products may be discontinued. You will be a part of our team in selecting comparable replacement products.

We are constantly working on projects with people who have also been exposed to a loss such as yours. During the restoration process, we ask for your understanding as we must schedule and complete all projects, large and small, on an equal, timely and professional basis.

A Typical Scenario for an Insurance Claim Procedure:

Our estimate is sent to your adjuster/agent for approval On large losses, our estimate is designed to present a preliminary scope of repairs. Until the demolition phase is complete and we have an architect/engineer’s plans in hand, we will generally have open items and unforeseen damages that we address with you and the adjuster at that time. Prior to work commencing, our authorization must be signed by the insured or insured’s legal representative. Applicable deductibles must be collected at this time. We also accept the authorization and deductible by mail, or we invite you to visit our office. A tour of our 16,000 sq. ft. facility will provide you with a first hand look at our operation.

Restoration Commences

A field superintendent is assigned to your project and will schedule all labor and material required to complete the work based on the approval estimate. They will also coordinate material and color selections, that is, paint, wall coverings, floor coverings, etc. The selection process must be completed in a timely manner to avoid delays in the production schedule. The insurance company does not know the schedule specifically for your project. Please call your field superintendent with any questions related to scheduling production. For your convenience and safety, a key to the house can be placed in our lock box on-site to facilitate scheduling. IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to the commencement of your project, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove all valuable and fragile affects to a safe location from the work area.

Completion of the Project

Even though your claim is being covered by insurance, our agreement is with you. We will provide you with a final invoice for your tax/personal records. You will be asked to sign a Certificate of Satisfaction form when the project is complete and you are satisfied. On larger losses, your insurance company may be required to include the mortgage company(s) on the check. We will ask for your assistance and cooperation in signing the documents that are required by your mortgage company. As a value added service, we will coordinate these activities with your mortgage company.

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